About Genemed

Our Values

  • Provide cost effective insurance and risk management solutions that exceeds the expectation of the customers
  • Employ staff with professional competence and honesty
  • Be Consistently relied upon on insurance product innovation and cost effective packaging of that warrants customers and insurers needs
  • Create honest and lasting working relationship with customers and very reputable insurers (Currently we represent only the top and reputable insurance companies in the Kenyan Market )

Genemed was formed to provide professional insurance and risk management solutions to its targeted customers in all areas of General insurance, Medical insurance, Group Life insurance and Pensions Management Schemes by: -

  • Obtaining material information of its customers personal and business profile that would enable them design and/or advice on the best products and risk management solutions that would enable the insured achieve fair prices from the insurers and maximize insurance benefits.
  • Providing cost effective risk management advice to the customers that if adhered to altogether may improve the quality status of the customer, which translate into fair premium savings.
  • Underwriting with reputable and professionally sound insurance companies with strong financial positions and claims management record.

Have you ever considered and analyzed the variables that determine the financial and management strength of your underwriter? These variables determine the security of your insurance covers and further determine the insurance company’s ability to service your claims. Genemed has in-house professional expertise to analyze these variables and to provide appropriate advice on the security of your insurance covers. Currently we represent only the top and reputable insurance companies from whom our very high integrity and professionalism can be verified.


How often do you get professionally packaged products at a fair pricing from your insurance broker or agent? Representatives are rewarded by the size of premiums they channel to the underwriters. This sometimes clouds what ought to be their primary service goals and further shadows their innovation and creativity in packaging cost effective insurance programs that maximizes the clients needs. Genemed is committed to packaging cost effective and efficient programs without limiting in its innovation and professional service delivery to the customer.

At Genemed we conduct risk surveys analyzing all areas of exposures and recommending risk reduction methods to our customers


Efficient Management of cash flow has become a critical success factor in today’s businesses. Any opportunity for deferred payments like leasing, credit management, hire and financing must be utilized immediately it presents itself. Genemed in strategic alliance with some of the established Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) companies in Kenya is able to provide its clients with reasonably priced installment payment plans that is easy on cash flow and provides reasonable flexibility on payment terms. We have negotiated special terms for our customers with relevant premium financing institutions whose excellent services match our own.


How often does your insurance representative communicate with you? Once a year; normally at the point when you need your insurance covers renewed? Twice a year, including claim time? Genemed Insurance Agencies are committed to making you a full time participant in your insurance needs. We have anchored our Mission to giving first class customized service using quality relationship management techniques and we promise to be with you all the way.

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